Writing Activities: Year 4

Snow leopard

Snow leopards live in mountainous regions across a vast area of Asia. They have thick hair to keep them warm. This hair is usually creamy yellow or grey and covered with greyish black spots. Snow leopards have very powerful legs that help them to jump as far as fifty feet. They are shy cats and are rarely seen in the wild.

In this clip, we will see how snow leopards rub their faces on particular areas to mark their territory.


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Credit: BBC One – Planet Earth II

Literacy idea

As we have learnt from the video, snow leopards leave messages for their neighbours through their unique scent.

Write your own message to someone that you care about to let them know you are thinking of them (this could be a neighbour you know, a family member or a friend).

You could include the following:

  • Why you have decided to write them a message
  • What you have been up to since you last spoke
  • Questions about how they are and what they have been up to
  • What you have learnt about snow leopards
  • Anything else that you’d like to tell them

Remember to ask for permission from a grown-up you live with before sending it!

Wider curriculum idea

Using the information in the video, create a true or false quiz for your family or friends. Once you have finished, you can test them. (Make sure your have the correct answers written down so you can check if they are right!)