Writing Activities: Year 4


In many ways, wolves are similar to dogs, as they share a common ancestor. However, wolves are usually larger and have longer legs. Wolves are very intelligent and have adapted to survive in harsh climates.

In this clip, we will see Gordon Buchanan getting closer to wolves than we might have thought possible.


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Credit: BBC One – Life in the Snow

Literacy idea

The wolves in the clip are incredibly friendly –  they are very different to the mythical werewolf

Read this information about werewolves from kids.kiddle.co, and use it as inspiration to write your own scary story about a werewolf (but don’t worry – they’re not real!).

Make sure you include:

  • A gripping opening, introducing the characters and setting
  • A build up of action
  • A problem that your main character faces
  • A resolution to the problem
  • An ending that leaves your reader feeling satisfied

Remember to plan your story and use lots of vivid vocabulary!

Wider curriculum idea

Using the information we learn from Gordon Buchanan, create a poster detailing facts about wolves.

You can also use these facts about wolves from National Geographic to help you.