Writing Activities: Year 5

Black bear

Black bears are North America’s most common bears. They are talented tree climbers, so they usually live in forests. However, they can also be found in mountainous areas and swamps. Black bears grab any opportunities that come to them when it comes to food. Whilst they mainly eat insects, berries, grasses and roots, they will also eat fish, mammals and human food (and even the rubbish that people have thrown away!). In the winter, black bears don’t hibernate, but they do enter into a long winter’s sleep.

In this clip, we will see black bears enjoying a picnic by the seaside.


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Credit: BBC One – Seven Worlds, One Planet

Literacy idea

Imagine you work for the BBTB – the ‘Black Bear Tourist Board’ – in their seaside division. You want to attract as many black bears to come and enjoy your seaside resort as possible!

Write a brochure advertising why a coastal getaway is perfect for a family of black bears!

You should include…

  • The highlights of the area (the sea, the rocks, etc.)
  • What black bears can do for fun there
  • Examples of the local cuisine
  • Ratings and reviews from other black bear customers.

Wider Curriculum Idea

Two truths and a lie – from the clip, pick two of your favourite facts about black bears. Make up one false fact about black bears yourself. Say all three ‘facts’ to a family member or friend, and see if they can work out which one is a lie.