Writing Activities: Year 5

Honey badger

The honey badger is a mammal found across sub-Saharan Africa, southwest Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. Its name is misleading: the honey badger is not a badger and is related more closely to weasels.

Honey badgers are known for being ferocious fighters and have evolved characteristics that give them advantages in a fight. They have thick skin, small eyes and ears, and very strong claws. This allows them to defend themselves against predators, including animals much larger than themselves. The claws are used not just for fighting: honey badgers are excellent diggers.

In this clip we see that honey badgers are not only ferocious but also highly intelligent.


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Credit: BBC Two – Natural World

Literacy idea

Imagine you are the honey badger in the clip, and you have learned how to get the food out of the puzzle box. Write the script for a short TV show in which you tell other honey badgers about the puzzle box and explain how to get food out of it.

Make sure you explain…

  • what the puzzle box is like.
  • why it is difficult to get the food out.
  • how to get to the food.

You could conclude by giving your opinion on whether other honey badgers should get food from the puzzle box or should look elsewhere.

Wider curriculum idea

Design and label another puzzle box to give the honey badger an even greater challenge. Show it to someone you live with and see if they can work out how to get the food out.