Writing Activities: Year 5

Iberian lynx

The Iberian lynx has long legs, black ear tufts and a very short tail with a black tip. Its coat is tawny with dark spots, and it looks like it has a beard around its face. In the early 2000s, the Iberian lynx was on the brink of extinction, and although efforts have been made to increase the population of the animal, it is still considered endangered.

In this clip, we will learn about the efforts in Spain to save the Iberian lynx.


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Credit: BBC One – Seven Worlds, One Planet

Literacy idea

Using what you have learnt from the clip and this information from wwf.panda.org, create a presentation to explain to people why conservation efforts must be made to save the Iberian lynx from extinction.

You could include…

  • Information on how the population of the animal has decreased
  • Facts and statistics
  • Where they can be found and what has been set up to protect the lynx
  • Any other relevant information

Once you have finished, share your presentation with your family or friends.

Wider curriculum idea

Use your artistic skills to make sure your presentation is as engaging as possible – you could use the images from wwf.panda.org to draw pictures of the lynx.