Writing Activities: Year 5

Pygmy gecko

The pygmy gecko is a species of tiny lizard that grows to just 24mm long: that’s about the length of a small paper clip!  They live amongst the dead leaves on the floor of the Amazon, the vast tropical rainforest that covers a large part of South America. The pygmy gecko eats tiny arthropods (creatures with an exoskeleton instead of a spine) such as springtails and mites. Thanks to the pygmy gecko’s small size, the way it moves, and its superhydrophobic (water-repellent) skin, this tiny lizard can walk on water!

In this clip we see how the pygmy gecko’s water-repellent skin helps it to survive in its dangerous rainforest habitat.


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Credit: BBC Two – Natural World

Literacy idea

What would you do if your skin could repel water? Imagine that for one day you had hydrophobic skin like a pygmy gecko, and write a diary entry describing all the things you did. Try to include the following details:

  • Talk about the important events that happened to you throughout the day;
  • Describe the places you visited;
  • Describe the people you saw (this might be your family, your friends or your neighbours);
  • Talk about your feelings;
  • Remember to write in the past tense.

Once you have finished, why not read it out loud to someone at home?

Wider Curriculum idea

Pygmy geckos live in the Amazon rainforest. Design a poster encouraging people to visit the Amazon, using these key facts and images from natgeokids for inspiration.