Writing Activities: Year 5

Water vole

Water voles can be found alongside rivers, streams and marshes. They dig burrows in steep, grassy banks, which means their homes often have an underwater entrance. They have glossy brown or black fur and small, black eyes.

In this clip, we will see some water voles who live in a location that we might not expect – Glasgow!


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Credit: BBC Two - Springwatch

Literacy idea

Imagine you are a Glaswegian water vole. Write a letter to your cousin who is living in marshy wetlands somewhere else in the UK. Explain to them why you enjoy living in Glasgow, even though it is different to where water voles usually live.

Try to include the following details:

  • Start your letter with ‘Dear______’
  • Acknowledge that living in Glasgow is different to what your water vole cousin is used to
  • Tell them the benefits of living in Glasgow and why you enjoy it
  • Sign your letter with ‘Best wishes, your name

Wider curriculum idea

Use the this information on water voles from wildlifetrusts.org to create a fact file.