Writing Activities: Year 6


Have you ever wondered why some animals seem to fit their habitat so well, such as having a big fur coat if they live in the snow, or being able to breathe underwater if they live in the sea? This is because animals have adapted to their environments. An ‘adaptation’ is like a special skill that helps the animal to survive in its environment. These adaptations can be behavioural changes, meaning an animal has changed the way it behaves in its daily life, or physical changes to the animal’s body.

In this clip, we are going to see examples of animals that have adapted to their own surroundings.


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Credit: BBC – BBC Earth

Literacy Idea

Pick your favourite animal from the video and write a story about its adventures, or create your own animal and write a story about its adventures.

Make sure you include the following details:

  • A gripping opening, introducing the characters and setting
  • A build up of action
  • A problem that your animal faces
  • A resolution to the problem
  • An ending that leaves your reader feeling satisfied

Remember to plan your story and use lots of vivid vocabulary.

Wider Curriculum Idea

Use this information from kids.kiddle.co to create a true or false quiz about adaptation. Why not test your family and friends, and give the winner a signed copy of your story as a prize?