Writing Activities: Year 6


Did you know that chickens are the most common birds on the planet? There are 19 billion of them worldwide! They live together in flocks, and have a ‘pecking order’ – this means the most dominant chickens get priority over food and where they nest.

People sometimes think chickens are stupid, but in this clip we will see some chickens challenging that idea.

Credit: BBC Two - The Private Life of Chickens. This clip may not work on some devices. Please see our Help page.

Literacy Idea

Imagine you are a chicken. You are shocked and appalled by the assumption of humans that you lack intelligence and cannot do basic maths!

Write an article for ‘The Daily Cluck’ (the best-selling newspaper amongst the chicken population), explaining that chickens are far more intelligent than people think.

You should include the following details:

  • An attention-grabbing headline
  • An introduction to the issue and your point of view
  • Details explaining why chickens are intelligent, giving examples
  • Quotes from interviews with chicken and other species
  • A photograph with a caption explaining what the photo shows

Wider curriculum idea

Chickens aren’t the only ones who can do maths! Create some two step word problems based on the theme of chickens. Ask your friends and family to work out the answers, but make sure you work out the answers yourself first so that you can tell them if their answers are correct!