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Writing Activities: Year 6

Elephant seal

Southern elephant seals live in sub-Antarctic and Antarctic waters. The conditions here are brutally cold, but they are also rich in marine life such as fish and squid – foods that these seals like to eat. Southern elephant seals are the largest species of seal. Adult males can be over 20 feet long and weigh up to 8,800 pounds. You might think that their great size is why they are known as ‘elephant’ seals. However, they actually get their name from their trunk-like inflatable snouts.

In this clip, we will see some king penguins trying to get past some sleeping elephant seals to reach their colony. Will they succeed or will they wake them from their slumber?


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Credit: BBC One – Blue Planet II

Literacy Idea

Turn the sound off, and write a script for what you imagine the penguins and elephant seals are saying throughout the clip.

Penguin #1: Shhhh, be quiet. You don’t want to wake up the elephant seal!

Penguin #2: I’m trying, but it’s difficult to manoeuvre through these blooming big beasts!

Elephant seal #1: (Snores loudly)

Penguin #1:…

If you like, you can give the animals names.

Wider Curriculum Idea

Once you have written you script, why not ask some family members to help you perform it? Alternatively, you can perform it yourself, using different voices for each character!