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Writing Activities: Year 6

Emperor penguin

Out of all the penguins, the emperor penguin is the largest. These flightless birds live in the Antarctic and the waters surrounding it. Penguins have adapted to be able to deal with this cold, harsh environment, both physically and socially.

In this clip, Liz Bonnin uses mugs of hot chocolate to demonstrate the science of why penguins huddle together.


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Credit: BBC One – Snow Animals

Literacy idea

Imagine you are an emperor penguin. Write a dramatic diary entry detailing your vast voyage across the inhospitable Antarctic plains.

You should include the following details:

  • Describe how you felt as you made your way through the harsh Antarctic environment
  • Use sensory language to describe the setting – what could you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel?
  • Explain why you and the other penguins huddled together, and why you were continually changing position
  • Describe how you felt when you reached your destination and what you did to celebrate
  • Discuss what you hope will happen tomorrow

Wider curriculum idea

Create a poster to show the science behind huddling. Draw diagrams (such as hot chocolate mugs and penguins) to help you explain it. Once you have finished, use it to teach a friend or family member why penguins huddle together.