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Writing Activities: Year 6

Florida manatee

Florida manatees are playful, gentle marine mammals. They are large, slow-moving creatures, and they enjoy nothing more than munching on sea grass, which has led to them being nicknamed ‘sea cows’. For hundreds of years, they have fascinated those who have encountered them. In fact, they are believed to have inspired sailors’ tales of mermaids! You might ask yourself “How could anyone mistake this animal for a mermaid?” With arm-like forelimbs containing five sets of finger-like bones and neck vertebrae that allow them to turn their heads, it’s possible that when doing a ‘tail stand’, manatees could be mistaken for humans from afar.

In this clip, we will see a manatee swimming through the clear waters of Silver Springs.


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Credit: BBC One – Seven Worlds, One Planet

Literacy Idea

The manatee has been described as a magical creature, and has been the inspiration for whimsical creatures, like mermaids.

Write a story about a magical manatee. Think about what magical powers it might have and the adventures it might find itself in.

You should include the following features:

  • A gripping opening that engages your reader
  • A build up to a problem that your character(s) face
  • An exciting climax to your story
  • How the character(s) respond to the climactic situation
  • An ending that leaves your reader feeling satisfied

Remember to plan your story before you start writing!

Wider Curriculum Idea

Choose a manatee-based activity to complete from conservation-connect.com