Writing Activities: Year 6

Langur monkey

Hanuman langurs are large, furry primates, named after the Hindu god, Hanuman (who is often depicted as part-man, part-monkey). They are mainly grey, with black ears and faces. Langurs can leap up to five metres, meaning they can often be found jumping around in high places. They are very vocal animals with many different and distinct calls for different occasions, such as barking if surprised and whooping when they are happy.

In this clip, we will see langur monkeys free-running in the city, with the alpha male trying to defend his territory.


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Credit: BBC One – Planet Earth II

Literacy Idea

Write the script for a TV news report, discussing how the alpha male was able to defend his territory. You could play some of the clip (without sound!) as footage to make your story more exciting.

Remember to include…

  • An attention-grabbing opening statement
  • A description of the events that unfolded that day
  • An explanation for why the events took place
  • What this might mean for langur monkeys in the future

Wider Curriculum Idea

Perform your TV news report for your family and friends. Once you are done, why not extend your report by interviewing your family and friends to get their ‘exclusive’ opinion on the events?