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Column addition: Lesson 1: butterflies

1 - Learning Objective

Learning Objective

We are learning how to add numbers with up to 3 digits using column addition (with no exchange).

Context: butterflies


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Credit: BBC Two - Wonders of Nature

Clip Description

Which animal never closes its eyes, has a mouth like a straw and tastes with its feet? The answer – a butterfly of course! These fascinating insects can be found on every continent across the world except for Antarctica. Butterflies, along with moths, are the only insects that have wings covered in scales. When light falls on a butterfly’s scales, beautiful colours are often revealed.

In this fascinating clip, we see a a variety of butterfly caterpillars (larvae) chomping their way through leaves. When the hungry caterpillars finally stop eating, their transformation into one of nature’s most beautiful insects begins. Where does this miracle of nature takes place? Watch the clip to find out.

Quick Number Challenge

Butterfly caterpillars can double in size in just a few days!

Here is a number sequence that doubles: 1, 2, 4, …

Can you can work out what the next 3 numbers in the sequence are?