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Place Value: Lesson 3: big cats

3 - Whiteboard Challenges

Agree or disagree?

Benjamin said, “I have used this mathematical symbol (<) to show that a Siberian tiger is heavier than a Bengal tiger. ”

Do you agree with Benjamin? Explain your answer to your talk partner. 

Did you know?

The Siberian tiger is the largest of the different tiger species. It has fewer, paler stripes than other tiger species. It also has thick fur and a mane, both of which help to keep it warm in its cold environment.

Whiteboard Challenges

Big cats are superb athletes. They can turn on quick bursts of speed and leap great distances. Here are some typical leaping distances for three big cat species.

A tiger can leap further than a jaguar but not as far as a lion.

Can you place 10 counters in a HTO place value chart to show how far a tiger can leap? What number did you make? Is there more than one answer?