Column addition 4: Lesson 2: bats

1 - Learning Objective

Learning Objective

We are learning how to add numbers with up to 4 digits using column addition (with one exchange).

Context: Brilliant Bats

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Credit: BBC One - Wild UK

Clip Description

Bats are the most widespread mammal on the planet. There are over 1,300 different species worldwide. Many are nocturnal, meaning that they are awake at night and sleep (roost) during the day. These nighttime hunters locate insects by emitting high-pitched sounds and listening to their echoes. In the UK, the most common bat species is the pipistrelle. To fuel its body, it will eat up to 3,000 flying insects in a single evening.

In this fascinating clip, with the help of a bat detector, we enter the secret world of the pipistrelle bat. We learn how canals provide the perfect hunting ground for this remarkable creature.

Whiteboard Number Challenge

We have learnt that a pipistrelle bat will eat up to 3,000 insects in a single evening.

Can you use your knowledge of the 3 times table to write down your 3,000 times table? How many insects could a pipistrelle bat eat in a week?