Column addition 4: Lesson 2: bats

3 - Whiteboard Challenges

Spot the Mistake!

Someone has made a mistake in their column addition. Can you explain the mistake to your talk partner?

Did you know?

Some of our favourite fruits, like bananas and mangos, rely on certain bat species to pollinate their flowers so that new seeds can develop. Bats, like the tube-lipped nectar bat, often have a very long tongue so that they can reach the nutritious nectar that is found deep within a flower.

Use PAWS, counters and column addition to solve the following word problem.

In a single week, a colony of tube-lipped nectar bats was responsible for pollinating 1,345 plants in an area of rainforest, while a second colony was responsible for pollinating 1,832 plants. They supplemented their diet of nectar and pollen with 7,845 insects.

How many plants did the two colonies of tube-lipped nectar bats pollinate altogether?