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Column addition 4: Lesson 1: whales

1 - Learning Objective

Learning Objective

We are learning how to add numbers with up to 4 digits using column addition (with no exchange).

Context: Wonderful Whales


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Credit: BBC One - The Hunt

Clip Description

Despite roaming the oceans of the world, whales are air-breathing mammals. This family includes the biggest creature ever to have lived on earth – the mighty blue whale. Blue whales can be 30 metres in length and weigh up to 200 tonnes. (This is a weight greater than sixty elephants!) This incredible creature uses its unusual, bristle-like mouthpart (baleen) to separate thousands of tiny shrimp-like creatures called krill from huge gulps of seawater.

In this fascinating clip, we are shown the moment a freight train-sized blue whale appears from the deep and heads straight towards expert diver and cameraman, David Reichert. This close encounter leads to the best ever underwater footage of this mighty mammal.

Whiteboard Number Challenge

A blue whale’s heart is the biggest on the planet. It is around164 times larger than an adult human heart!

How many addition number sentences can you write down with an answer of 164?

e.g.   80 + 80 + 4 = 164     100 + 64 = 104 + 60