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Column subtraction 5: Captivating Caribou

2 - The Grammar Bit

Spot the Mistake!

Someone has made a mistake in their column subtraction. Can you explain the mistake to your talk partner?

Did you know?

Porcupine caribou travel further than any other land mammal. Their epic journey starts in an area close to the River Porcupine in Canada (where calves are born) and finishes at their winter feeding grounds in Alaska.

Use PAWS and column subtraction to solve the following word problem.

218,107 Porcupine caribou were midway through their epic 2,400 kilometre journey across North America. Sadly, only 217,876 caribou completed the journey as the remaining animals were either killed by an outbreak of disease or were eaten by black bears and grey wolves.

How many caribou did not survive the journey?