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Column subtraction 5: Sensational Seabirds

Further Challenges

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Further Challenges

  • Watch the related clip below that features herring gulls. These seabirds are notorious for stealing food from humans. Stop the clip at 01:33 minutes.Can you write either a single step or multi-step word problem for a friend to solve that includes the number of seagulls on view. Which operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) will your friend need to use to solve the problem?
  • Animals migrate with the change of the weather and the seasons. They migrate to find warmer weather, better food supplies, or a safe place to give birth to their young. Use your research skills to find out which birds, like the Arctic turn, migrate the furthest distances.Can you present these distances in a chart?


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Related Clip

The sandwich thieves of St Ives.

Credit: BBC One – Nature’s Boldest Thieves

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