Measurement (length): Saguaro Seeds

1 - Learning Objective

Challenge level ⭐

(designed for children with prior knowledge of the Year 3 programme of study)

Learning Objective

We are learning how to solve a natural world problem by using and applying our skills and knowledge of measurement and length (m and cm).

Useful prior knowledge:

  • To find equivalent units of length (e.g. 500 cm = 5 m)
  • To compare, add and subtract lengths

Credit: BBC One - Life

Clip Description

The saguaro is a tree-like cactus that grows in the Sonoran Desert. Like all cacti, the saguaro has a special design that allows it to live in a place where very little rain falls each year. It has a large swollen stem for storing water and long roots that can reach water deep beneath the ground. Instead of leaves, it has sharp spines that help the plant retain water. Incredibly, these plants can grow to a height of 12 m and live for over 150 years!

In this fascinating clip, the ruby-red fruits of the saguaro can be seen. Many different animals, such as white doves, tortoises and ants, enjoy eating the juicy fruits. What do you think will happen to the seeds of the fruits that have been eaten? Watch the clip to find out.

Quick Whiteboard Challenge

We have learnt that some of the largest saguaro cacti can reach the dizzying height of 12 m.

How many times would your height fit into the height of a 12 metre-tall saguaro cactus?