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Number (place value): Top Trump Monkeys

1 - Learning Objective

Challenge level ⭐⭐

(designed for children with prior knowledge of the Year 3 and Year 4 programme of study)

Learning Objective

We are learning how to solve a natural world problem by using and applying our skills and knowledge of number and place value.

Useful prior knowledge:

  • To order and compare numbers beyond 1000
  • To understand decimal notation in the context of measurement e.g. 0.2 kg = 200 g


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Credit: BBC Two - Earth's Tropical Islands

Clip Description

Just like humans and apes, monkeys are primates. This group contains around 267 different species. Most monkey species have special features that enable them to live their lives high up in tree tops. Forward facing eyes, long limbs and grasping hands and feet enable them to swing and jump from branch to branch with ease.

In this fascinating clip, proboscis monkeys need to cross a crocodile-infested river in their search for food. Unfortunately, the trees on either side of the river are too far apart, so they must take a leap of faith and jump into the river if they are to cross it. Do you think proboscis monkeys are good swimmers? Watch the clip to find out.

Quick Whiteboard Challenge

Can you use the alphabet number code to find the value of the word ‘monkey’?

Martha said, “The word ‘proboscis’ has a greater value than the word ‘howler’ because there are more letters in this word.

Do you agree with Martha?