Statistics (pictograms, bar charts & line graphs): Wildlife Survey

3 - Further Challenges

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Further Challenges

  • With the help of your teacher at school or a trusted adult at home, carry out your own birdwatch survey. This could take place in your school grounds, a local park, balcony or garden. Click here to download the RSPB’s bird identification guide/tally sheet. Once you have completed your survey, present your results as either a bar chart, a tally chart or a pie chart.
  • How Big Are Classes 5, 6 & 7┬áis a fabulous problem-solving activity on the Nrich website that will require you to read, interpret and compare a bar chart and a pictogram.

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Incredible slow motion footage of common garden birds visiting a bird feeder in the depths of winter.

Credit: BBC Two – Winterwatch