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KS2 Maths Lessons: Year 3 Maths

Agree or disagree?

Mohamed looked at the photograph of the ostrich and robin (opposite) and said, “The angle made by the ostrich’s beak is much bigger than the angle made by the robin’s beak. I know this because an ostrich’s beak is much bigger than a robin’s beak.”

Do you agree with Mohamed?

Did you know?

A beak (bill or rostrum) is the nose and mouth of a bird. It is used for eating, fighting, grooming and many other things. Beaks on different types of birds can be very different in size, shape and color.

Whiteboard Challenges

When a bird gapes (opens its beak), an interesting angle is made.

1) Is the angle made by the beak of the robin a right angle, an acute angle or an obtuse angle? How do you know?

2) The difference in size between the angle created by the ostrich’s open beak and a right angle is 20°. What is the size of this angle?