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Column addition 6: Tenacious Turtles

2 - The Grammar Bit

Spot the Mistake!

Someone has made a mistake in their column addition. Can you explain the mistake to your talk partner?


Did you know?

A female olive ridley turtle will lay a clutch of around 100 eggs. The temperature of the sand determines whether the hatchlings will be male or female. (The warmer the sand, the more likely that the hatchlings will be female.)

Use PAWS and column addition to solve the following word problem.

On a Mexican beach, thousands of olive ridley turtles laid their eggs. Following a period of incubation, 27,756 eggs produced female hatchlings and 14,529 eggs produced male hatchlings. Of these hatchlings, 7,832 sadly died because they were eaten by a variety of predators that included sharks, crabs and a jaguar.

What was the total number of hatchlings on this Mexican beach?