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Reading Comp Ideas: polar bear

1 - The Film Clip

Learning Objective

We are learning how to retrieve and record information from a non-fiction text.


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Credit: BBC Two - Natural World

Clip Description

Despite the freezing temperatures and violent winds, the Artic is home to the world’s largest land living carnivore – the polar bear.

In this fascinating clip, a male polar bear treks across the vast Arctic wilderness in search of a mate. Fortunately, when a polar bear leaves footsteps in the snow, information about it is left behind. Will the footsteps in the film clip lead the male to a female? Watch the clip to find out.

Clip Related Questions

1) Can you think of 3 words that best describe the Arctic?

2) Which type of bear did the polar bear evolve from?

3) Why is it difficult for polar bears to find a mate in the Arctic?