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School Closure Home Learning (Year 1-6): Year 2


Bee-eater birds are brightly coloured, fast, and fierce. They get their name from their ability to can catch bees, wasps, and other flying insects in mid-air with their long, down-curved beaks.

In this clip, we will see how a flock of bee-eaters cleverly use an elephant passing by to help them get some tasty insects to munch on.

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Credit: BBC One – Planet Earth II

Literacy idea

Write a set of instructions for a bee-eater bird on how to catch insects using the technique in the video.

For example:

  1. Look out for a large animal, such as an elephant.
  2. Wait until it is walking through some long grass where insects might be hiding.

Wider curriculum idea

Choose your favourite image of a bee-eater bird from and draw it as accurately as possible. Use colours if you can!