Inspired by nature | KS2 | Year 3 | Grammar

Extending sentences with but, and, or: ibex

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • Write a playscript that shows what the mum and kid ibex say to each other as they journey up the wall to find a tasty mineral snack. Here’s a way you could start:

The mother ibex and her kid stand at the bottom of a tall, vertical wall.

Mother: You will need to be brave today.

Kid: Why’s that, mum?

Mother: Because …

  • You are a young ibex. You follow your mum everywhere. Having just got back from the dam wall, you are desperate to tell your younger siblings about your daring adventure. Describe your experience to them. Did you nearly give up? Did you think your mother was challenging you too much? What did the mineral prize taste like once you reached it, and was it worth it? Remember your siblings will soon need to make the journey themselves, so don’t frighten them too much!
  • Describe the most incredible, daring adventure you would go on to get your favourite snack. Explain what the snack is, what you like about it and where you would need to go to get it.

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