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Paragraphs: howler monkey

3 - Whiteboard Challenges

Whiteboard Challenges

Challenge 1

Read the first paragraph, which is about the fur colour of baby howler monkeys. Can you spot the sentence that doesn’t belong here?

Challenge 2

Read the second paragraph, which is about the incredible noises that howler monkeys make. Can you spot the sentence that doesn’t belong here?

Challenge 3

Using some of the descriptive words from the Word Wall, write a short paragraph that describes how a howler monkey moves through the rainforest.

Whiteboard Challenges

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1) When a baby black howler is born, it has golden brown fur so that it can camouflage itself in its mother’s fur. If the baby is female, it will keep its golden fur. However, If the baby is male, the fur will blacken when the monkey is around three years old. Howler monkeys live in family groups of between 15 and 20 members.

2) Howler monkeys live up to their name because of their amazing howling calls. Howler monkeys have beards and long, thick hair. They tend to howl at the beginning and end of the day. They have a special voice box and pouch inside their throat, which amplifies (makes louder) their calls.

Word Wall

howler monkey gripped balanced dangled prehensile tail canopy manoeuvred agile gymnast lazed snoozed human-like hands