Inspired by nature | KS2 | Year 3 | Grammar

Proofreading: dikkop bird

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • Imagine you are a sports commentator, watching the battle between the dikkop birds and the monitor lizard. Write a commentary that describes the battle for a radio audience.
  • The dikkop bird is also known as the ‘spotted thick-knee’. Write a kenning poem using this as a starting point. Think about other ways you could describe the dikkop.






  • Imagine you are a dikkop bird. Write a persuasive letter to a crocodile, explaining why it would be a great idea for you to nest really close to its egg-laying spot.

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A Nile monitor lizard attempts to steal some crocodile eggs.

Credit: BBC Two – Earth’s Great Rivers