Inspired by nature | KS2 | Year 6 | Grammar

Expanded noun phrases: banded mongoose

Learning Objective

We are learning to use expanded noun phrases to convey complicated information precisely.

Context: banded mongoose

Credit: BBC Two - Banded Brothers

Clip Description

These curious little creatures live in sub-Saharan Africa and occupy a variety of habitats, including brush-land and grassland, but they prefer wooded areas. They are called banded mongoose because of their coarse, brownish-grey coat, dark feet, black-tipped tail and dark bands across their back. These bands are found between the mid-back and base of the tail and are a distinguishing feature of this mongoose species.

In this fascinating clip, as a new day dawns, young mongoose pups go foraging for food for the first time. At nearly three weeks old, these pups still have a lot to learn about foraging with the adults. There are a few basic rules. First, they must stay as close to their family as possible, as a lone pup will have little chance of survival. Second, forging close relationships with a young adult who can act as an escort is also vitally important for a pup. The best escorts will be able to teach them the ropes and can be a great advantage. Will the pups manage to keep up? Who will find the best escort? Watch the clip to find out.

Word Challenge

Can you make a list of adjectives that you could use to describe the banded mongoose pups as they explore their surroundings?

e.g. adorable, clumsy, enthusiastic, …