Capital letters: hedgehog

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • Watch the related clip below. Gardens can be safe havens for hedgehogs or places of extreme danger. Write a list of instructions that will inform homeowners how to make their gardens hedgehog-friendly. The Hedgehogstreet website will give you all the information that you might need to complete this writing activity.
  • Write a Kiplingesque Just So story that is titled How the Hedgehog got its Spines. You might like to start with the following sentence:

In the very beginning, the hedgehog was a small, hairless creature. 

  • Just like Thea in the main clip, you would like to spend a day working alongside Beryl, helping her to nurse hedgehogs back to full health. Write a letter that outlines why you are interested in this work and the skills that you can offer.


Related Clip

A hedgehog forages for food at night.

Credit: BBC Two – The Animal’s Guide to Britain