Commas for lists: jaguar

3 - Whiteboard Challenges

Whiteboard Challenges

Challenge 1

Rewrite the first sentence by replacing the unnecessary ‘ands’ with commas.

Challenge 2

Look at the second sentence. Add the commas in the correct places.

Challenge 3

Jaguars will eat pretty much anything they can hunt. Using some of the words in the Word Wall, write a scintillating sentence about a jaguar hunting in the forest. Include at least three animals it would hunt for.


Whiteboard Challenges

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1) Baby jaguars need to be looked after and fed and be taught how to hunt and kept safe.

2) The team need to find the jaguars observe them get to know their habits and think about how to help them.

Word Wall

jaguar armadillo iguana capybara caiman devoured hunted clamped secretive powerful suffocated ravenous seized ambushed