Commas for lists: jaguar

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • In Rudyard Kipling’s Just So stories, he tells us a story about how the leopard got his spots. Can you create your own version explaining how the jaguar got his spots?
  • Imagine you are one of the jaguar cubs released into the wild for the first time. What does it feel like? What can you see, hear, smell, feel and taste? Write a diary entry describing your first entry into the wild.
  • The Brazilian government want a report about the jaguar from the team. Find out more about jaguars and write a report detailing what jaguars are like, where they live, what they eat and how they hunt.

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Otters stand their ground against a young jaguar.

Credit: BBC 2 – Wild Brazil: A Dangerous World