Demarcating Sentences: cotton-top tamarin

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • Look at the Kids’ Corner section of the Proyecto Titi website. Design a simple game for children, either about the cotton -top tamarin or how to protect them, that could be included in the Kids’ Corner. Remember to write a clear set of instructions on how to play the game!
  • Imagine you are a cotton-top tamarin whose habitat is under threat from deforestation. Write a short speech or letter to persuade people that the Colombian rainforest should be saved.

In the high and far-off times, the tamarin had a bald head.

  • Starting with this sentence, write your own Just So story that has the following title: How the Cotton-top Tamarin Got Its Shock Of White Hair.

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Hand rearing two tiny tamarins!

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