Dictionary Skills: coconut crab

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • Young coconut crabs live in various different shells, swapping when they get too small. After about a year, they crawl out and begin a shell-free life. Imagine you work for Hermit’s Estate Agents – the best agents around for young coconut crabs and their homely needs! Create an advert for the latest shell in your collection. Remember to use vivid adjectives to describe the shell and to explain why it is the best shell around, ensuring you make the shell as enticing as possible for potential new home-owners.
  • When there has been a crime, the police have to write statements about what happened and why. Imagine you are a member of the crab police and you interview one of the crabs who robbed the porch and was caught on camera. What would the police statement say about what happened that night?
  • There are loads of amazing facts about these fascinating creatures. Create a fact file explaining all about the coconut crab including information about its size, food, habitat, life cycle and unusual habits!

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