Dictionary Skills: hippopotamus

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • From the perspective of a hippopotamus, write a review about your dining experience in St. Lucia that will be posted on the World Wildlife Web for all hippos to see. Discuss the range of food on offer and how it looked and tasted. Rate your overall experience out of five stars and state whether you would return to the outdoor restaurant.
  • A kenning is a way of describing something in poetry without saying directly what you are describing. For example a sheep might be described as a ‘wool wearer’ or a tree could be a ‘leaf bearer.’ Using some strong words (use a dictionary to help you), write a kenning poem about a hippopotamus.
  • You are the wandering male in the related clip below. You must fight the overlord for a place in the river bend and a chance to mate. Use all of your descriptive writing skills to write about this ferocious encounter.

Related Clip

Two enormous hippos clash at a river bend.

Credit: BBC One – Life