Expanded Noun Phrases: Arctic fox

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • Read the information about the Arctic fox on the National Geographic Kids site. Find out how the Arctic fox’s adaptations help it survive in the cold and learn about its impressive hunting technique. See if you can create a fact file on this remarkable creature.
  • Read The Arctic Fox by Natalie Miles (aged 9). This fabulous piece of writing was written for the 2020 BBC 500 Words competition. See if you can write your own 500 word adventure story that features the incredible Arctic fox and its snowy wilderness.
  • A kenning is a poem which uses several two word noun phrases to describe something. For example, a spider could be a web-spinner, fly-catcher or a cobweb-maker. Create your own kenning to describe the Arctic fox. Try and use at least 6 noun phrases.

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Bouncing Arctic fox cubs!

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