Paragraphs: Nile crocodile

2 - The Grammar Bit

The Grammar Bit!

Read the information about the Nile crocodile opposite. You will notice that it is organised into 3 paragraphs. A paragraph is a collection of sentences based around a particular idea or topic. When the idea or topic changes, a new paragraph is needed.

Well formed paragraphs should begin with a topic sentence (bold). A topic sentence introduces the idea that all subsequent sentences within the paragraph are about.

Discuss with your talk partner what each paragraph is about.

Scintillating Sentences

Before she could reach her babies, the enormous crocodile needed to cross the river. She propelled herself through the water by moving her tail from side to side in an S-shaped motion. To gain more speed, she folded her legs back against her body, which made her more streamlined.

Once across the river and on dry land, the reptile needed to find a new way of moving. Instead of dragging her underside along the ground, she performed the distinctive ‘high walk.’ This involved walking on all fours with her belly raised above the ground.

At the nest site, her newly-hatched babies were making a lot of noise. Their cries signalled to their mother that she was needed urgently as, without her, they were not safe.

Did you know?

The scientific name for the Nile crocodile is crocodylus niloticus.“Crocodylus” comes from two Greek words meaning “pebble” and “worm,” and they refer to the rough scales of the crocodile’s hide. “Niloticus” means “from the Nile River.”