Past and Present Perfect Tense: rhesus macaque

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • Imagine that you were one of the macaques featured in the main film clip. The owner of the house has just returned and you have been caught red-handed with a banana in your mouth and several eggs in your hands! Write about this confrontation.
  • Pause the film at a suspenseful point in the main film clip and role play what the animals featured might be thinking or saying. These could be recorded as either speech or thought bubbles.
  • You are an experienced macaque who has perfected the art of stealing food from humans. You have been asked to share your knowledge and skills by writing a guide for younger, less experienced macaques. The guide is titled, The Art of Stealing Food.

Related Clip

Vijay and the macaques of Jaipur.

Credit: BBC One – Planet Earth II