Proofreading: devil ray

2 - The Grammar Bit

The Grammar Bit!

Proofreading is an important stage in the writing process. It involves spotting and correcting any mistakes that you may have made in your writing. Proofreading can be tricky, especially as your eye likes to see what you should have written, rather than what is on the page!

Checking for just one kind of error at a time is the best way to approach proofreading.

With your talk partner, choose one of the scintillating sentences opposite and proofread using the CUPS checklist.

C = Have capital letters been used correctly?

U = Do sentences sound right? (understanding)

P = Are sentences correctly punctuated?

S = Are words spelt correctly?

Scintillating Sentences

1) the diver looped the camra lead around the devil ray’s head

2) In the depths of the mediterranean sea the devil rays swam in formasion like jetfighter.

3) despite their terrifying name, devil rays is harmless, shy creetures that feed on zooplankton krill and small fish.

Did you know?

Devil rays sometimes jump right out of the water, twisting and turning in the air. Scientists aren’t exactly sure why they do this. Escaping predators, removing parasites and impressing a potential partner are some possible reasons for this strange behaviour.