Proofreading: devil ray

3 - Whiteboard Challenges

Whiteboard Challenges

Challenge 1

Proofread then rewrite the first sentence, having identified and corrected any spelling and punctuation errors.

Challenge 2

Proofread then rewrite the second sentence using the CUPS editing checklist. Once you have done this, see if you can make the sentence more descriptive.

Challenge 3

Using some of the words from the Word Wall, write your own scintillating sentence about the devil rays featured in the film clip. Once you have written your sentence, proofread it using the CUPS editing checklist.

Whiteboard Challenges

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1) the group off rays were pasing right under the boat

2) gordon and jorge were so exsited when they saw the unborn pup ‘kicking’ like a baby inside it’s mother

Word Wall

devil ray squadron zooplankton diver pup slipstream curled fins pregnant formation gathering gentle harmless glided kicked