Modal verbs: lynx

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • Until around 700 AD, the Eurasian lynx could be found in parts of the British Isles. Some people argue that this majestic mammal should be reintroduced. Read Professor Chris Thomas’ article. It presents the case both for and against reintroduction. Take on the roles of the different interest groups (farmers, Scottish Tourist Board, walkers, feline conservationists etc.) and hold a debate which centres around this controversial idea.
  • Read the poem Lynx by Ted Hughes. Discuss the impact the lynx has on its forest habitat when it is both asleep and awake. Now write your own poem about the lynx that captures both its beauty and its struggle for survival.
  • Watch the related clip below. It is about the release of two captive cubs – Navio and Noah. Imagine that you were one of these cubs. Write about your first few days in the wild. What were your highlights? What difficulties did you encounter? What dangers did you face?

Related Clip

Two one-year-old Iberian lynx cubs, which have been bred in captivity, get their first taste of freedom as they are released into the wild.

Credit: BBC One – Big Cats