Using a thesaurus: brown hyena

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • Read the poem Hyena by Edwin Morgan. Choose your favourite verse and highlight five to ten words that you will replace with suitable synonyms. Don’t forget to use your thesaurus!
  • Imagine that you were part of the Seven Worlds, One Planet crew that journeyed to the Skeleton Coast at the edge of the Namib Desert to film brown hyenas. Write about this adventure. This stretch of desert coastline is littered with the skeletons of ships and animals (including the occasional human). Will skeletons feature in your recount? Will you be caught up in a sandstorm? Will there be an encounter with a thieving jackal?
  • The council of African animals has assembled. Simba has decided that Wanted posters need to be stuck to acacia trees across the Masai Mara. The Wanted poster is for a striped hyena that has been stealing more than her fair share of dead meat. What does this particular hyena look like? What will be the reward for her capture? What precautions does a captor need to take? All of this information needs to be on your poster.

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