Bullet points: king penguin

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • Find out more about the king penguin by visiting www.discoverwildlife.com. Use the information found to create an information text about King penguins. Try to use the full range of presentational devices: subheadings, fact boxes, tables and bullet points.
  • In the film, we see the rather unfortunate ‘Spy Chick’. From the viewpoint of Spy Chick, can you write a diary entry about all of the things you have seen on your travels? Include detailed description of what you can see, hear and feel. Importantly, you should include your dangerous encounter with the sheathbill.
  • Imagining that you are a king penguin, write a postcard to your distant cousin – Julius the emperor penguin. Tell him about the events of the day, including what happened with the giant petrel!

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King penguins show great team spirit when there are hungry mouths to feed.

Credit: BBC One – Animal Super Parents