Commas to clarify meaning: Namaqua chameleon

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • Hot seat any of the animals featured in the main clip (the female Namaqua chameleon, the male Namaqua chameleon or the desert beetles). What questions would you like to ask them that relate to their hostile desert environment and the various survival strategies that are needed to survive in it? Once you have recorded questions for each, role play with your talk partner how you think the animals would respond.
  • Visit the National Geographic Kids website to find out more about chameleons. Once you have done this, create a True or False? game to play with your classmates based around the facts that you have learnt about these fascinating reptiles.
  • Chameleons have long been part of the exotic pet trade. Do you think a chameleon should be kept as a pet? You might want to read the information on the website before writing an argument either for or against keeping a chameleon as a pet.

Related Clip

A Namaqua chameleon splays its toes to stop it sinking into the desert sand.

Credit: BBC Four – Nature’s Microworlds