dictionary skills: warthog

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • You are a banded mongoose who has just set up a beauty parlour on the African savannah. Design a brochure or poster that gives details of the services that you will be offering. Try to use the full range of persuasive writing techniques to attract warthogs from far and wide.
  • Imagine you are Spy Hog. You have managed to infiltrate the group, and have been accepted as one if its members. You have even received a grooming treatment from multiple mongooses! Write a diary entry about your day.
  • Write a story about the unlikely friendship between a warthog and a mongoose. Perhaps it starts with a normal day of the mongoose grooming the warthog, but then an unexpected occurrence forces them to go on an adventure together!

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A plucky warthog sees off the advances of a lioness.

Credit: BBC One – Serengeti