Expanded noun phrases: tarpon

3 - Whiteboard Challenges

Whiteboard Challenges

Challenge 1

Copy and improve the first sentence by putting precise adjectives before the nouns ‘tarpon’ and ‘silversides.’

Challenge 2 

Expand the second sentence by adding a prepositional phrase and a relative clause to precisely add extra information about the nouns ‘silversides’ and ‘tarpon.’

Challenge 3

Using some of the words from the Word Wall, write your own scintillating sentence about the fish featured in the film clip. It must contain an expanded noun phrase that concisely adds extra information about a noun both before and after it.

Whiteboard Challenges

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1) The _____________, ___________ tarpon hunted the ___________, ___________ silversides.

2) The vast shoal of glittering silversides  ______________ swam frantically away from the mighty tarpon, which ___________________ .

Word Wall

tarpon silverside cavernous jaw transparent shallow, coastal waters ravenous appetite explosive acceleration gathered suction effect seasonal feast