Hyphens: grey mullet

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • Imagine that you were one of the surfers in the main clip, who found themselves in the middle of the mullet ‘oil slick.’ Write about your once-in-a-lifetime encounter using Show Not Tell, figurative language and a handful of hyphenated words.
  • Imagine that you are a grey mullet, who is lucky enough to survive an attack on your shoal by tarpon and blacktip sharks from below and pelicans from above. Write a dramatic diary entry with plenty of description that details your escape.
  • A Cinquain is a five-lined poem (hence the name). They are easy and fun to write as they don’t require a whole lot of words! They also reinforce some basic grammatical parts of speech:

Line 1: One word (a noun, the subject of the poem)
Line 2: Two words (adjectives that describe the subject in line 1)
Line 3: Three words (-ing action verbs that relate to the subject in line 1)
Line 4: Four words (a phrase or sentence that relates feelings about the subject in line 1)
Line 5: One word (a synonym for the subject in line 1 or a word that sums it up)

Choose an animal featured in the main clip (grey mullet, tarpon, blacktip shark or pelican) and write a cinquain poem about it.

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