Modal verbs: Asian elephant

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • Writing as the mother, whose calf is now under the care of a different female, write a letter of complaint to the head of the herd (Grandma), explaining what has happened, the distress this has caused you and how you need her help.
  • Watch the related clip below that shows how a herd of rescued Asian elephants have welcomed Lek into their herd. Despite having suffered considerable trauma in the hands of humans, they have developed an incredible bond with Lek, which is based on trust and friendship. If you could ask Lek five questions, what would they be? How do you think she would answer?
  • Write a Wanted poster for the elephant-napper. Include a description of what the napper looks like, the tactics she uses to get what she wants and the need to approach her with caution as well as a possible reward for her capture.

Related Clip

Rescued Asian elephants place their trust in a human being.

Credit: BBC Two – Thailand: Earth’s Tropical Paradise